Our Secret Artist - Mr. Nolan Booty

Our Secret Artist, Mr. Nolan Booty at Brady Center

Each client that crosses our path at Catholic Charities of Dallas brings with them their own story as well as a strong push of motivation to continue to help those in need in our community.  Mr. Nolan was another one of those clients that brought with him his own story, a passion for life, and a unique ability to bring beauty to everyone he met.

Mr. Nolan, 69 years old, arrived at Catholic Charities of Dallas’ Brady Center during the month of May after receiving word from his previous job that his services were no longer needed.  Nolan was told that he was being let go because they needed someone else who was able to walk around or stand during work hours.  Nolan was in a wheelchair and unable to do strenuous tasks asked of him.  Therefore, Nolan decided to visit Brady Center for assistance.  Upon arrival Nolan met with our Direct Services Coordinator, Maria Montes, and after explaining his case to her, Maria quickly called Nolan’s previous employer in order to figure out the problem.  After some calls and paperwork, Maria was not only able to assist Nolan as a client, but also with his lack of employment.  She provided him with position at Brady to share his passion with fellow clients. He agreed to work at Brady Center as an art teacher.  He now teaches art to the seniors who are interested and is able to provide the community with a passion of his own.  Just as every client does, all of the staff members at Brady were amazed by Nolan’s special abilities – in his case, his ability to draw!  It turned out that Nolan was an incredible portrait artist and was easily able to do so sitting down in his wheelchair, which his previous job did not easily cater to.  In less than a few months Nolan’s story has reached so many throughout Catholic Charities of Dallas and all of the seniors who frequent Brady Center as well.  He has drawn nearly all of the seniors’ portraits as a gift to each of them.  His unique story inspires us all to continue doing what we love to do, no matter what obstacles are thrown in our way.  No matter how bad life can seem to get, there is always beauty around the corner.  Maria expressed after months of working with Nolan, “Having Mr. Nolan here with us is such a blessing and we are so happy.  He is such a special addition to our family.”

Nolan continually tells staff at Brady that he loves being there every day and that “being at Brady brightens my life!”